About Us: Our Team


Anna serves as the manager of the school and oversees the development of the syllabus for piano and violin. Having studied with a major in Violin and a minor in piano at the University of Santo Tomas and played at the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, Anna brings a wealth of teaching experience and is excellent at helping students grapple with techniques.

Over 80% of her students score distinctions in music exams through her patient teaching and over 80% of her current students are recommendations.


An audio technical wizard, Neil manufactures his own guitar effects and pedals and is incredibly intuitive with handling sound and recording having graduated with a degree in Electronics. Neil teaches pop, the electric guitar and plays a dazzling fast mix of metal and progressive rock.

He also oversees the development of the guitar syllabus at the music school.


Especially good with acoustic guitar, electric guitar and finger-picking, A versatile musician who teaches the piano, guitar and drums.

He has taught in over 120 government schools (including MOE's Teachers' Academy),judged at the Ministry of Education's Schools' Digital Media Awards and developed the syllabus that has been endorsed by National Arts Council.

David currently sets the syllabus for the music school and schools nationwide.


Classically trained, Alicia began playing the piano at a tender age of four. She holds an Associated board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 8 certificate and is currently undertaking Diploma in Music Performance. Her vibrant and enthusiastic personality complements her passion for music and teaching. She finds joy in guiding younger children and interacting with teenagers.


Playing both the piano and violin, with a special talent to being able to play by ear, she is able to improvise classical pieces to pop and vice versa. Evangeline has the passion to impart all these skills to her students. Her students know her to be a strict but fun and bubbly teacher.

She aims to cultivate the passion for music in her students by making lessons enjoyable. She is in charge of teaching piano and violin at the school.


As the resident drums instructor, Nizam brings with him a huge portfolio of performances as a performance artist. Previously a regular in the performance circuit, he has played at over 40 venues from City Hall to Orchard Road. He brings the experience of performance to the classroom and helps students get comfortable with playing on stage.

Nizam is registered with the Ministry of Education under the Arts and Music Instructor Scheme having taught in over 50 schools.


Ryan is an expert with handling kids and children with special needs. A drums maestro, he possesses patience in his teaching and demonstrates an uncanny ability in helping students grasp drums techniques.

He has been teaching for 12 years and most of his students come via word of mouth.



“The school’s approach was great in that we could learn relevant songs and develop musicality at the same time. Not dogmatic at all.”
- Ms Chan Yuen (mother to 6 year old guitar student)

“Thank you for helping me avert mid-life crisis.”
- Eric Tan (16 years old learning the electric guitar)

“I appreciate that the music lessons helped my confidence and develop an understanding about communicating... Very engaging and flexible lessons!”
- Janice Teoh (30 years old learning guitar)

“The instructor has proven to be very engaging and the improvement in my daughter’s playing is obvious .”
- Ms Christina Y. (mother to 6 years old daughter and 10 years old son learning ukulele)

“My son absolutely looks forward to his lessons.”
- Mr Lim T.Y. (father to 9 years old son learning drums)