Our pop and classical syllabi take a similar time frame

All beginner students start at this stage to learn the basics of handling the instrument. We’ll start with your favourite songs to keep you riveted

  • Handling the instrument
  • Play your favourite tune
  • Basic chords
  • Learn to read music

Developmental stage. This is where you will explore more techniques in handling the instrument and more playing options like more chords, notes and dynamics to create a better sound.

  • Dynamics
  • Chords
  • Techniques

Get serious! You will start practicing not just the basics but learn to play with dynamics, chord tones and learn how to communicate your music piece. Thereafter, you can decide if you want to take exams.

  • Dynamics
  • Substitute chords
  • Exploring music genres

On a non-exam basis, this is the most advanced stage. This is where you learn to play intricate pieces composed for your instrument. We’ll help record your pieces and get you ready for concert and competition!

  • Passing chords
  • Studying and playing different music genres
  • Improvisation

Our Values



  • Work on a piece you like on top of your regular piece.


  • Compose a song piece of a genre you like!
  • Improvise a song piece!


  • Practise with a group that we organise once every 3 months.

Self Awareness

  • Record your finished piece!


  • Perform at our annual concert!
  • Take part in our annual competition!